The 9th Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum & Award Dinner
Contacts: in the U.S. Yohannes Assefa
Phone: 202-999-7369
Email: yohannes@theethiopianamerican.com
in Ethiopia Omer Redi
+251-91-260-2178 (Ethiopia)

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9th Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum to be held on 
August 2-3, in Washington DC  

The 9th Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum will be held on August 2-3, 2014 at The George Washington University and Grand Hyatt Washington, respectively.  This year marks the 9th year since The Ethiopian American began organizing the annual business Forum. The Forum will review opportunities and challenges on "Investing in Ethiopia's Emerging Technology Sector," in recognition of the growing importance of technology as a key driver of innovation in the Ethiopian economy. Investments in the power sector will be closely looked as one of the most attractive investment and technology transfer areas where investments from the Diaspora is poised to make lasting impact.

Forum is also organizing this year a Private Equity Pitch Session (PE Pitch Session) in recognition of the growing interest of Private Equity firms in the Ethiopian economy. Diaspora entrepreneurs in many ways have led the way in attracting a significant share of Private Equity investments in Ethiopia. The PE Pitch Session is organized with the view that more investment could be attracted if the opportunity is presented both to businesses and PE firms. Thus far, four PE firms and five SME companies have signed up for this year's inaugural PE Pitch Session.

The 2014 Ethiopian Diaspora Pioneer Businessperson Selection Committee is currently accepting nominations from the public. The committee will announce the awardee by July 18, 2014.  The 2014 Pioneer Ethiopian Diaspora Business Person award was to Amman Fissehazion, CEO of Ethiopian Broadcasting Service (EBS) in recognition of his pioneering leadership in establishing the first Ethiopian commercial global satellite Television company.

The Forum and Awards Dinners are expected to attract a large number of Ethiopians from the Diaspora and Ethiopia as well as American businesses and professionals who are interested in business and investment opportunities in Ethiopian and the U.S. 

"This Forum and Awards Dinner will show case the work of Ethiopian Diaspora entrepreneurs in the technology sector and will serve as a crucial platform for sharing ideas and information for Diaspora business and other interested in investing in Ethiopia," said Yohannes Assefa, Executive Director of the Forum. 

This year's Forum marks the 9th year since The Ethiopian Americanbegun organizing this annual event. In the past 8 years, the Forum has grown tremendously. The Forum will be covered by EBS and will be viewed by 20 million Ethiopians all over the world.

The Ethiopian Airlines, Ernst & Young Ethiopia, The George Washington University, Altour Tech, Comex PLC, Info Mind Solutions, EBS, and Vivid PLC are some of the sponsors of this year's Forum.


Note to Editors:
About The Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum

The Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum is organized by The Ethiopian American, a Virginia based Ethiopian Diaspora business and investment group with offices in New York. The Ethiopian American was first established as non-partisan, professional business publication in 2004 by a group of young Diaspora professionals to create a positive and non-political platform devoted to the issue of business and investment in the Ethiopian Diaspora community.

In June 2005, the magazine organized the first Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum (the "Forum") with the generous financial support of USAID/VEGA Ethiopian AGOA + and several Diaspora businesses. Over the years, the Forum served as a key platform for Diaspora discussions on many important issues such as trade and investment in Ethiopia and the United States, the African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA), business environment and related regulatory affairs. Seven years later, the Forum has grown and continues to grow strong in every aspect by empowering the Diaspora business community with valuable information and enabling the community to participate in Ethiopia's economy and development in a meaningful way.

This year, organizers are publishing the second annual full length event magazine covering many issues of interest for the Diaspora business community. The magazine will be distributed for free both in the U.S. and Ethiopia. As in the past three years, the Forum will also be covered by EBS.




The 2014 Pioneer Ethiopian Diaspora Business Person Award is bestowed on Diaspora entrepreneurs who have introduced innovation(s) in business that have significantly and positively affected business practices with long-term results in Ethiopia or in the Diaspora.

In 2013, the Pioneer Ethiopian Diaspora Business Person Award was given to Amman Fissehazion, Co-Founder and CEO of the Ethiopian Broadcasting Service (EBS).  As the first non-political Diaspora-based satellite TV, EBS has led the way in introducing innovative programming in Amharic and English to over 20 million viewers in Ethiopia and in the Diaspora.  The Award was also given to Amman because of his leadership in the Ethiopian entertainment industry.  EBS continues to shine and we hope our modest recognition will help other entrepreneurs follow in Amman's and EBS' footstep to innovate.  We hope Amman's work will inspired other Diaspora entrepreneurs to take risk and introduce innovation in our community.

The 2014 Pioneer Ethiopian Diaspora Business Person Awards Committee is currently accepting nominations for this year's award. Nominations can be submitted via e-mail to publisher@theethiopianamerican.com or pioneerlegalconsulting@gmail.com.  The deadline for submitting a nomination is June 30, 2014.  The Committee is expected to finalize the selection process by July 11, 2014.  The Awards will be given out at this year's (9th) Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum on August 3, 2014 at the Grand Hyatt Washington.
Date: August 2-3, 2014
Venue: The George Washington University (Jack Morton Auditorium)
Theme: "Investing in Ethiopia's Emerging Technology Sector"
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The 9th Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum will hold a Private Equity Pitch Session for SMEs who are looking for early stage and expansion capital. We have recruited Private Equity firms who are interested in investing in SMEs in Africa and potentially in the US. The session will be held privately at The George Washington University. SMEs interested in participating in the Private Equity Pitch Session should contact us at publisher@theethiopianamerican.com or pioneerlegalconsulting@gmail.com. More information will be provided as we get closer to the Forum's date. Stay tuned and check this website on regularly for updates.
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